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Erie’s German Mayors


By on May 31, 2016

Phillip Becker

Mayor Phillip Becker


Provided electric street lights for the city and built a new City Hall.

Michael Liebel
Mayor Michael Liebel


Michael Liebel, Jr. was perhaps one of Erie’s most popular mayors. He owned and operated the Liebel Hotel.   Originally the West End Brewery, he formed the Cascade Brewery in 1889 and sold it in 1906 to Fred Koehler and it became the Cascade Branch of Kohler Brewing. He was elected by City Council to serve the unexpired term of Saltsman and then was elected to a full term in 1907.

Robert Saltsman

Mayor Robert Saltsman


John Depinet
         Mayor John Depinet


William Stern

Mayor William Stern


Bernard Veit

Bernard Veit

Elected Mayor on November 20, 1915 but died on November 30, 1915 before assuming office.

Miles Kitts

Mayor Miles Kitts

1914 – 1922

Kitts was one of Erie’s most colorful mayors, was investigated by a grand jury in 1921 for allowing the operation of Erie’s then-plentiful speakeasies, casinos and bordellos.

The investigation, which was sparked by a reform group in the Republican Party known as the “Committee of 16,” touched virtually every level of city government. More than 100 witnesses were called, including Kitts and 47 members of the police department.

In the end, Kitts was spared an indictment, continued as mayor and was later elected an Erie County judge.

Arthur J. Gardner

Mayor Arthur J. Gardner

1955 -1962

Joseph Sinnott

Mayor Joseph Sinnott

2006 – Present

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