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Early Erie German Churches and Schools

St. Marys School

By on June 2, 2016

St. Mary’s R.C. Church

When the new Church was built, the graveyard had to be relocated. The remains of those early pioneers where placed in a mass grave at Trinity Cemetery marked by this monument.

St. Mary’s R.C. ChurchSt. Mary’s Main SanctuarySt. Mary’s R.C. Church2

St. Mary’s School (1897)

St. Mary’s School was originally a school for boys only!

St. Mary’s School

St. Mary’s Home

St. Mary’s Home staff St. Mary’s Home

St. John’s Lutheran Church

The first recorded visit in Erie County  by a Lutheran pastor was by the Rev. Philip Muckenhaupt who traveled from Meadville on horseback.  The official records of the congregation date back to August 8, 1808 when 20 children and an adult were baptized and communion was celebrated.

In March 1860 they began to build a new church, which was dedicated in 1862.  That original building still survives and is the section with the high steeple (which was added in 1884).

St. John’s Lutheran ChurchSt. John’s Original Pipe Organ

St. John’s Cemetery

When the Braun Family deeded the property to St. John’s Church, it was stipulated that if the cemetery were removed, then the entire property will revert back to the Braun Family Heirs!

The remains that were removed were re-interred at the Erie Cemetery and this memorial placed there.

St. John’s Cemetery3 St. John’s Cemetery

St. Joseph R.C. Church

St. Joseph Church (photo from 1894) was built in 1882 to replace the earlier wooden church in the background (built in the 1860’2 and demolished in 1906 to make way for the Rectory.

Photo two is one of the few photos that exists of the main altar in the original St. Joseph’s Church.

The magnificent altar was hand carved by Bavarian craftsmen.

St. Joseph’s Church interior St. Joseph’s Church2

St. Joseph’s School

St. Joseph’s School

St. Boniface R.C. Church

In clearing the land for the Church, the early parishioners cut and sold timber which was used in the construction of St. Mary’s Church on East 9th Street.  The early St. Boniface Church was a small wooden, one-room building.  There was also a rectory and school on this 3 acre parcel of land.

The original church was erected in 1857, which burned down in 1867, and the present elegant building was erected in 1873, at a cost of $4,000. Behind the Church is the original cemetery.  Across the road to the south is the new cemetery and additional parking.

St. Boniface R.C. Church church

St. Michael’s R.C. Church

Built on West 17th Street between Cherry and Poplar in 1883 and was destroyed by fire in 1973.

St. Michael’s R.C. Church

German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church

German Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church


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